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A New Super Power Is Emerging

A New Super Power Is Emerging!

Swedish Greyhound Racing Is On The Up Big Time!
Sweden Greyhound Racing Continues To Grow And Grow Watch Out Ireland And UK!
A couple of years ago i caused a bit of a stir in Sweden when i came out publicly on an internet forum and said i dont give any weight to the big races in Sweden i think my exact words were they are “Mickey Mouse Races.” Well i was wrong and gladly admit it, i cant help but be impressed with what they have achieved and they just keep on improving.
Similar to Australia they have City tracks and Country tracks in total 11 tracks that stretch the length of the country. Älvsbyn in the far North to Simrishamn in the South.
The major tracks ( City ) are Landskrona , Borås , Åkerskanal( Stockholm) and Skellefteå, these four tracks are built on the same design as the Australian tracks with Skellefteå being based on the Sandown track design.
City Tracks And Distances
LANDSKRONA 320m, 480m, 550m, 780m.
BORÅS 320m, 550m, 780m
ÅKERSKANAL 320m, 550m, 780m.
SKELLEFTEÅ 295m, 510m, 746m.

Country Tracks And Distances
ALINGSÅS 301m, 506m, 710m.
JÄRBO 286m, 484m, 674m.
MIDLANDA 283m, 488m, 696m.
SIMRISHAMN 310m, 511m, 771m.
VÄSTERÅS 295m, 510m, 704m.
ÄLVSBYN 295m, 510m, 722m.
ÖREBRO 299m, 517m, 738m

Racing In Sweden
No matter City or Country track they are fantastic circuits and are better imho than plenty of the tracks in the UK and some in Ireland. The major difference is City tracks use an electric hare system were the Country tracks operate their hare system on a petrol system, it sounds very similar to a chain saw but seems to work very well. The racing system is one i admire and if im honest im very jealous about it wish the UK would operate a similar system. The system is club based meaning you have to be connected with a tracks club to get a license. You though then can race at any track in Sweden but you must always wear your clubs track suit and clothing without that you would not be allowed to take part. Just like any racing in the world and Sweden is no different you can have a bet on the action, there is a similar to the tote system were 10% of this comes back to the Swedish racing authority but also there is local on track betting.
The Dogs

Crimdon Is A Name To Be proud Of
Anyone who races in Sweden or follows the action will undoubtedly have heard the name Crimdon. The prefix of a very talented couple Anette and Duncan Mckie. Their kennels set in fantastic surroundings approximately of 15 acres just outside the beautiful town of Skelleftea. A fantastic kennel complex with surveillance cameras, 300 yard gallop with traps and acres of space its no wonder champions come out of here on a regular basis.

Crimdon Argus In Action
Who To Look Out For
Dogs to watch out for who will be the top dogs this year i would say are Hades Pearl and Appollons Pearl these two leap to mind having been involved in Group 1 finals. There is a rumour doing the rounds these two are planning on raiding England and/or Ireland for some big prizes in mind.
Crimdon Baloo is another that springs to mind he is a class act who has won two very good features this year over sprint and middle distances. A good solid greyhound that they all have to beat owned by Jeanette Rosberg.
If you’re looking for a top stayer look no further than Stitch

4 years old now but still a force Crimdon Rascle
A dog you must always watchout for is Crimdon Rascle two starts back after injury and two wins both in features, this dog as been a power house now for a couple of years and still producing the goods at 4 years old ,
You could not write about Swedish greyhound racing without mentioning the great Fräcke Fredrik at 5 years old he is still winning top class races. There is nothing left for this great dog to win he as basically won everything.

Crimdon Boa set to be a star
Then you have the up and coming stars such as Crimdon Boa this son of Westmead Lark already in his first year has won a Swedish Championship ( Group 3) , and a Produce Stakes ( Group 3) win plus other feature race wins.
Atlas Gotcha fastest of the year at Åkerskanal a very fast finishing second in the Produce Stakes. Owned and trained by Atlas Racing who are no strangers to winning.
Last but definitely not least Crimdon Argus ( Group 1 finalist) after a late start due to injury Crimdon Argus is beginning to find his rhythm. This is a greyhound i really like bred very well and could be the one to break through and becomes a true star of Swedish racing